Recruitment Charter
Our objective through this recruitment charter is to include our commitment in a recruitment process based on transparency, confidentiality, commitment, excellence and respect for our candidates. Values at the heart of our human resources policy and deeply rooted in the corporate culture of Rheinbrücke Consulting. Our desire is to unite all of our employees around these fundamentals and to establish a lasting relationship of trust between the candidate, the 'company and the firm.
Equal opportunities
Practice your profession with respect for the fundamental rights of the human person. Our consultants are committed to respecting privacy and not practicing any principle of discrimination (Article L. 1132-1 of the Labor Code).
Respect of commitments
Our approach is subject to an obligation of means; it is our responsibility to implement all the means agreed contractually to optimize the success of the mission. This implies that the consultant is entrusted with the exclusivity of research to ensure optimal quality of consultancy services. The ultimate success is based on a relationship of trust and transparency between the company and the firm.
Confidentiality of information
The company submits to an obligation of reserve and a confidentiality commitment. It refrains from using the information received by the candidate (CV, cover letter, summary note, case study ) for purposes other than the success of the assignment.
All the information on the position to be filled and the decisions relating to our recruitment processes are communicated in a spirit of transparency. Ex: a reference check can only take place with the explicit agreement of the candidate.
Candidate evaluation
Our consultants undertake to assess candidates according to their skills (knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills and willingness to do) and the position to be filled.
Integration of the candidate
Provide the company and the recruited candidate with the necessary follow-up to ensure the proper integration of the latter, at least during the entire trial period.
Candidate follow-up
The follow-up of candidates is ensured by a single interlocutor throughout the recruitment process. Our evaluations are based on direct observation during an interview and on evaluation tools adapted according to the professions and the candidate's experience: psychometric tests and / or graphological analyzes and / or scenarios. We keep the candidate informed of the evolution of recruitment and we undertake to justify our decisions in the event of unsuccessful candidates.